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In 2018, Kisha McDaniel founded Purposed Pursuit, a ministry-based community and capacity-building organization that's mission is to strengthen, encourage and empower life-givers to THRIVE locally and nationwide.

Purposed Pursuit helps women discover their God-given purpose, overcome obstacles, and pursue wholistic health and success through empowerment, education, enlightenment, and economics.

We are a circle of women, mothers, spouses, sisters, friends, business owners, ministry, and community leaders who mentor, inspire, educate, and motivate other life-givers to WIN inwardly and outwardly, locally and globally.

Meet Kisha McDaniel

“Her smile is like armor and every day she goes to war.”

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Kisha M. McDaniel is God’s girl, Purpose Pursuer, wife, mother, GiGi, business owner, co-author, and community leader.

Her personal mission is to strengthen, inspire and encourage all life-givers “those who carry life, those who nurture lives and those who have lives of their own” by the overwhelming love and power of God.

Kisha is passionate about helping women accept and activate their God Given purpose. She uses the word of God, her personal life testimony, and experiences as an overcomer to strengthen and propel women into their life assignment. In 2016 Kisha accepted her call into ministry. In 2018, she founded Purposed Pursuit, a ministry and empowerment organization that helps women discover their God-given purpose, release past hurt and hindrances and walks with them through life in victory and wholeness by focusing on the spiritual, emotional, mental, physical, vocational, environmental and social key areas of wellness. Her heart’s desire in ministry is to please God by sharing His message authentically, relevantly and in love.


In 2019, Kisha was licensed to share the gospel as a licensed minister under the leadership of Pastor Michael R. Toliver, at First Baptist Church South Hill located in Chesapeake, Virginia. In 2020, she co-authored “Unplugged: Prayer, the Powerful Wireless Connection” with her current Pastor, Dr. Dwight Shawrod Riddick, her mentor Dr. Jennell Riddick and Min. Kelli Sweat. 

She currently serves as the Chief Consultant and CEO of KM McDaniel, LLC (KMM Creatives),  a business management and branding solutions agency that specializes in helping businesses, nonprofits and ministries develop structures, implement systems/automation and increase their marketing reach. 

Kisha is known personally as an innovator, organizer, edifier, and results-oriented individual. She’s known for “decreeing and declaring” and turning obstacles into opportunities.  

She is married to her high school sweetheart and best friend, Cameron and together they have six amazing children and six adorable grandchildren. 
Kisha’s life testimony is her favorite scripture…
“And Jesus looking upon them saith, with men it is impossible, but not with God:  for with God all things are possible.”  Mark 10:27

Our Board of Directors

Meet The Board of Directors


Letitia A. Davis

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Ebonie C. McCoy

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There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you”. Dr. Maya Angelou

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